Project Proposal Form


Title: Please use a clear descriptive title.

Point of Contact for Proposal: Name/email/affiliation

Scope: Describe as clearly as possible the boundary defining what is included and excluded from the scope of your project.

Tentative Membership: List name/email/affiliation of initial project members.

Proposed Deliverables: What will be the final set of deliverables, e.g., presentation, technical report, book, etc.?

Proposed Timeline: What are the tentative start and end dates for the proposed research effort?

Related IEEE CSPDB/CSPD Activities: Are there other, related standards activities, e.g., IEEE CSPDB (Stephen F Bush, IEEE CSDB (Kevin Lu, NIST, ITU, IEC, IETF, etc.? Please list the title, name, and contact for these activities.

Vision: Please describe the societal impact of your proposed standards research.

Submit this completed form to Stephen F. Bush (, Chair IEEE CSPDB