How the IEEE Communications Society Standardization Program Development Board can help you…

Our goal is to nurture exciting new communication and network-related ideas and innovation. Below are some of the opportunities we provide.

Contact: Stephen F Bush – for details.

  • Sponsor Vision Projects to help promote innovative ideas
  • Output – Vision publication opportunities
  • Allocate research groups under the IEEE Communications Society Standardization Program Development Board that contribute
    1. White Papers
    2. Standards Proposals
    3. Technology Road Maps
  • Foster relationships, for example:
  • Partnership with the Standards Development Board (CSDB)
  • Partnership with ComSoc TA
  • Partnership with IEEE-SA Industry Connections Program
  • Facilitate Standards-related programs under ISTO
  • Partner with IEEE-SA Education Committee
  • Explore a relation with IEEE Educational Activities Board
  • Sponsor meeting and conference projects, for example:
  • Standards-related Specialized Workshops
  • Program elements of ComSoc conferences,
    1. Workshops
    2. Symposia
    3. Sessions
  • Mentorship of Kaleidoscope Technical Sponsorship
  • Continue the tradition of quality Publication Projects, such as…
  • Standards-related Communication Magazine Feature Topics
  • Standards-related Journal of Selected Areas in Communications Special Issues
  • Explore new innovation and standards-related publications